Strengths Based Parenting : Developing Your Children's Innate Talents

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How can you discover your children's unique talents? And how can you use your own talents and strengths to be the most effective and supportive parent possible? Strengths Based Parenting addresses these and other questions on parents' minds. But unlike many parenting books, Strengths Based Parenting focuses on identifying and understanding what your children are naturally good at and where they thrive -- not on their weaknesses. The book also helps you uncover your own innate talents and effectively apply them to your individual parenting style. You'll find stories, examples and practical advice as well as a strengths assessment access code for parents and one for kids, so you can take the first step to discovering your innate talents and those of your children. Grounded in decades of Gallup research on strengths psychology -- as highlighted in Gallup's StrengthsFinder 2.0, which has sold nearly 5 million copies to date -- Strengths Based Parenting shows you how to uncover your kids' top talents and your own. The strengths journey is one that the whole family embarks on together, and Strengths Based Parenting will guide you and your children to more fulfilling, productive and happy lives.
Strengths Based Parenting can help parents learn how to partner with teachers, coaches and other adults in their kids' lives to create a positive, supportive environment to develop their talents into strengths and instill confidence. Strengths Based Parenting : Developing Your Children's Innate Talents Image
AUTHOR Teri Clark Linden
FILENAME Strengths Based Parenting : Developing Your Children's Innate Talents.pdf
PUBLISH DATE 01 Nov 2016

Strengths Based Parenting: Developing Your Children's Innate ...

This is the basis for STRENGTHS BASED PARENTING: the belief that TALENT (a natural way of thinking, feeling or behaving) multiplied by INVESTMENT (time spent practicing, developing your skills and building your knowledge base) equals STRENGTH (the ability to consistently provide near-perfect performance).

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new science of strength-based parenting can help ... Developing Your Children's Innate Talents by former teacher and educational psychologist Mary Reckmeyer


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