Beyond Earth : The Future of Humans in Space

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Providing a foundation for space planners and anyone interested in human settlement in the solar system, this book theorizes about the near future, when the heretofore significant steps of humankindtraveling to the moon and building space stationswill be dwarved by new progress. Scholars and scientists raise and answer such questions as "Why does space matter to us? What will ordinary life be like in space?" and "What will our homes be like on Mars or the Moon? "This collection of findings by professionals documents important research, laying the bricks for space-faring civilizations and even consults future space-dwellerskidsfor their visions. Working from the assumption that humankind has a biological need to explore and improve the quality of life, the wide variety of contributors successfully argue that space as a future human habitat is not simply possible, but manifest."
Translunar space is vast expanse surrounding the Earth-moon system, extending far beyond the moon's orbit and dominated by the two bodies' gravity fields. Exploring in translunar space, beyond the protection of the Earth's geomagnetic field, will provide unprecedented experience in deep-space operations. Beyond Earth : The Future of Humans in Space Image
AUTHOR Bob Krone
FILENAME Beyond Earth : The Future of Humans in Space.pdf
PUBLISH DATE 01 May 2006

Mankind Beyond Earth: The History, Science, and Future of ...

BEYOND EARTH: THE FUTURE OF HUMANS IN SPACE, (CGPublishing, Inc., 2006), Bob Krone, Ph.D., Editor This is a critical time for the space program and for all of us. Even the significant steps that we have taken since the dawn of the space age in 1957, including getting into orbit, going to the Moon, and building space stations, will in retrospect ...

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