Ki In Aikido, 2Nd Ed.

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Ki represents the life force behind the Japanese martial art of aikido. To aikidoists ki is the universal spirit present in all things, and it can also be compared to the Hebrew Ruach and the Greek Pneuma, meaning "smoke," "wind," or "spirit." The book includes extensively illustrated step-by-step instructions of ki exercises and test techniques that will show readers: - The internal secrets of aikido and other martial arts- The relationship between mind, body, and spirit- A testable rationale for positive, creative living This new edition expands the original chapters on breathing and meditation with additional information on modern biofeedback and the science of breath. The Foreword is by the late George Simcox, Chief Instructor, Virginia Ki Society.
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AUTHOR C. M. Shifflett
FILENAME Ki In Aikido, 2Nd Ed..pdf
PUBLISH DATE 13 Apr 2011

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