Epiphyseal Growth Plate Fractures

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This comprehensive and illustrated reference work covers all aspects of growth plate fractures and their complications. It is based on the unique resources of the Mayo Clinic regarding patient follow-up. Following general reviews of growth plate fractures, 21 chapters deal with each epiphyseal growth plate in the body. All of these chapters are constructed similarly for easy and quick retrieval of the required information.
The growth plate may be injured with greater frequency than injuries to ligaments and bones due to the fact that the growth plate at this stage is the weakest link in the musculoskeletal system. Forces through muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bone most commonly affect growth plates in the wrist, ankle, knee, and elbow joints.
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AUTHOR Hamlet A. Peterson
FILENAME Epiphyseal Growth Plate Fractures.pdf
PUBLISH DATE 03 Apr 2007

Epiphyseal plate - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

Transverse fracture through the growth plate and a vertical fracture through the epiphysis. Type III injuries are more commonly seen in older children where the growth plates have started to close. It is a combination of a horizontal fracture line through the physis and a vertical fracture line which runs from the growth plate through the ...

What Is an Epiphyseal Fracture? (with pictures)

Pediatric Fractures. STUDY. PLAY. A fracture at the Central Shaft of the bone is called. ... A fracture at the Epiphyseal Growth plate of the bone is called. physeal ...


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