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The Cambridge Learner's Dictionary is the best route to success in English. This new edition updates the existing content and contains new features to make learning English even easier.The new edition has been revised and fully updated throughout and includes many new words (e.g. phone-hacking, cloud computing, rare earth, toxic debt) with more than 35,000 definitions in clear, simple English. English Profile levels mark the essential vocabulary that students need to know at CEF B1-B2 levels, see for more information. Mini-collocation panels help students to produce more natural English. Common mistakes are highlighted based on the Cambridge English Corpus.The accompanying CD-ROM includes a 'record yourself' feature for pronunciation practice and spoken pronunciations of every word in both British and American English.
5.0 out of 5 stars - cambridge advanced learner's dictionary with cd-rom 4th edition (2013, cd-rom... Cambridge Learner's Dictionary with CD-ROM Image
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PUBLISH DATE 31 Aug 2012

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CD-ROM meaning: abbreviation for compact disc read-only memory: a CD that holds large amounts of information that can be read by a computer. Learn more.

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